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SunTop: Part 5

Now that we all are familiar with the backstory ….

Ive been working my tail off trying to find a Fiberglass manufacturer in Omaha. I honestly didn’t think it was going to this hard. It’s REALLY strange when you reach out to a company and they turn down jobs.

The first company I contacted was a plastics company here in Omaha. Smaller operation and really nice people. They said they could help me with the plexiglass part and assembly but not the fiberglass. After some conversations with them about everything they gave me the name of a larger company in Omaha and said these guys will be able to help you.

The following week I contacted the larger manufacturer and after chatting with one person they handed me off to another guy. Turns out this guy has an NSX and is familiar with the del sol and the targa top system. I thought to my “oh snap! this is perfect!” he had a conversation and he told me to email him and we can set up a time to meet to look at everything that I have. That night I sat down and wrote a hella long email and included all the photos I had taken of everything. Gave him the whole deal – who oldsols is and what were about … Introduced Kent (@vtecofthesun) – like the whole nine yards.

Well after about a week from the initial email I sent I hadn’t heard back. So I called him back up and said “hey man – just checking in I hadn’t heard from you”. Immediately the conversation got off to a bad start and went south super fast. The guy said “OH i didn’t respond because you didn’t include your address” uhhhhhhhh what? In my head I was like dude just email me back and say you needed my address.

Here’s how the conversation went:

NSX guy: yeahhhhh so we do a bit a fiberglass in house here but I don’t want to get into making you parts for a del sol.

Me: okay? why not?

NSX guy: Why don’t you start a kickstarter campaign to get this made and get some backers.

Me: well we are not going in that direction which is why I was told to reach out to your company

NSX guy: Well we could probably do it and we’re the only place in Omaha that can but I don’t think were interested in the product.

Me: well that isn’t very optimistic – Omaha is a pretty big down (close to 800,000 people) and it’s sounds like you just don’t care to help me out with this

NSX guy: why haven’t I seen you at cars and coffee?

Me: Sorry – what does cars and coffee have to do with your company producing a product for me?

NSX guy: I think its funny how involved you say OldSols is in the community yet locally I’ve never heard of you or seen a del sol at cars and coffee

Me: well im rebuilding my del sol now and its not ready to come to shows yet

NSX guy: I don’t know what to tell you – were not interested at all

Me: You have wasted my time with your lack of communication and overall poor attitude, saying that I won’t find anyone in Omaha is a really weird thing to say to someone. You’re basically telling me that you don’t believe in me or my vision. I think were done here.

NSX: while laughing (good luck) hangs up the phone.

I just sat in my car and was like WTF was that? Like I didn’t know what to say or even what to do haha I was like crushed at something I thought was so optimistic that I just couldn’t believe how that conversation went.

Next time in part 6: We’ll dive into some initial tests with the plexiglass mold!