OldSol of the Month!

October – 2019 Szasz from the Romania

BACK to Romania we go!

Hi! I don’t know where to start, but first thanks for the opportunity to be featured! 😀

I got the sol to be my winter beater but after a few weeks i started to like how it feels  an decided to clean up a little bit. Her name is Tigaie (TGE) and means “frying pan” in Romanian, its a slang for trashy cars.. It was cheap junk, and took me almost a year and a lot of help from my friends to restore it. Dropped a few pics from “before” ,mostly just the “skeleton”, q-panels, the right door and the dashboard was left :))

I really like the OEM+ style and decided to go for it so i started to collect rare to find parts and i still have a lot on the shopping list.

Its a ’97 EUDM eSi (in Europe is the Si, eSi, VTi (in US known as Vtec) and Motegi) so it was not the highest trim level but neither the lowest. (the 97 EUDM eSi comes with rear disc brakes, rear fog light, fender blinkers, airbagless dash even for 97.. ,sexy sunvisors and I believe these are the only differences)So painted in Hyunday Cristal white an I added:

– #thesharkinthesol

– VTi map lights

– EG civic Vti front lip

  • Completed the missing Type D black interior, (took some time to find wrinkle free door panels)- VTi gauge with custom black rings- modded taillights (eudm has only 2 bulbs so i drilled and sacrificed another pair to light up 4)- short antenna – some Jr3 wheels (16′ 7j 40et w/ 195/45/16 tires) and coilovers

– Gathers rear speaker covers

– Cd changer from a 97 civic sedan- currently a Clarion radio from a coupe accordI’m nuts for old Honda radios and have a small collection, some still disassembled for repair so I don’t have a pic with all of them unfortunately. 🙁

I love the 90’s design feel in the interior so I restored every tiny light bulb and even dig up a fresh steering wheel from the junkyard to feel the texture :)))