OldSol of the Month!

April – 2020 Glenn from Belgium

Hello! My name is Glenn and I am from Belgium.

It started out as a red 1995 esi with the D16Z6 engine, when I found it in a barn it was pretty rusted at the lower quarter panels an had no engine, the owner also had an empty JDM SiR shell laying around, so I convinced him to sell them both to me. Since there was no engine, we put in a JDM D15B engine in it from a del sol Vxi.

That was in September 2012.

Over winter I started to strip it cleaned it and took it to the body shop to tackle the rust and to paint it.
Once fixed and painted I took her home to be put back together

Spring 2013, In this setup she had an MS design kit and Mugen front bumper combined with Advan Sar3 wheels, KW suspension and much more. After the summer of 2015 I sold the car, yeah, I know stupid.

The good news is in the spring of 2018 I got the chance to buy it back, it had 3 owners since I sold it who didn’t care to much about it so it was back to the body shop for me.

The Mugen bumper was gone, so where the MS design skirts, KW suspension, advan wheels, Bride seats, someone painted her snowflakes black and she had some damage at the rear.

Fresh out of the body shop on Thursday we departed for HEM in France on Friday, installed the SSR wheels and off we go

Later that year I finally convinced my friend to sell me his mugen wheels and I found a pair of motegi front seats and black interior panels

Over winter I built a teardrop trailer for it and did some little things to the car.

Since I had the FOR lip, I started the hunt for the full kit, after 2 years I found a complete kit 40 miles away, so I bought that, also found a set of lower fogs.