OldSol of the Month!

January – 2020 Michael from The Netherlands

Hi! My name is Michael, I’m from the Netherlands and this is my ’96 Del sol esi. I always loved the del sol when I was younger but never bought one for myself. But . . . in 2018; I decided to buy my own del sol. After a long search I found this beauty.

 I bought it when it was fully stock and actually it was the plan to ride it first for one year and then make a start for a clean built. But after 2 days of fun my del sol was standing at my work and the rusty body made me cry. So I started to strip this beauty, took al the rusty parts out so the body was fully free from rust. I removed all the old paint from all over the body to make a fresh new surface for a total new paint system.

It took me blood, sweat and tears to repair all the body work, but every hour of it was worth it. 

After the fresh body work and a new selfmade deep black pearl paintjob. It took me a lot of time to part it all together again. I decided to built the car with fresh fender washers and made a design for the interior. The interior got flocked black with a del design between the seats and in the roof we put in the Honda logo on red. I put in some fresh sport seats and for the audio system I used some Kicker speakers. 

Of-course the car has to be lowered so I lowered it with a new set of lowering springs and put some more camber underneath the car with a hard race camber kit. Also I gave the beauty a new sound with a fully SRS exhaust system and cleaned it under the hood with a carbon Whale Penis and a fresh painted Candy red valve cover. 

When I was building it, I decided to detail more parts with the candy red paint job. So i sprayed my JR wheels and my logo in the same beautiful color to get it all perfectly together. For a better look I put on some ms design side skirts and the vti spoiler.

After 8 months of hard work i rebuilt the del sol and finally it was ready to hit the roads. It’s a beautiful car and it gave me so much fun when people check out the car and ask me things about my del sol. I can’t imagine a life without this car anymore. I think It’s one of the most beautiful designed cars ever made.