OldSol of the Month!

June – 2019 Ioana from Romania

Hello to everyone!

My name is Ioana and this beauty here is a part of my SOuL, a ’95 Honda Del Sol that i named Bee. We don’t have too much history together (yet), I got her last year on the 8th of May and I can say it was love as first sight. My wish is to have her for as long as I can, until i literally cannot fix her anymore. Bee was a very lucky car since she got out of the factory, she had very loving owners from both Germany and Romania.

I could not have asked for a more fun and reliable car!
I haven’t done a lot of modifications (and most of them were done by the ex-owner), but I try to keep her in as pristine condition as I can. She had the D16Z6 engine with a little boost from an ECU soft and a full stainless steel exhaust. The headlights were custom made by the ex-owner and are really one of a kind. Other than that, just a few gimmicks here and there. 

Special thanks to the OldSols team! You guys are the best! <3