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OldSols SouthEast Recap

Hi everyone! WHAT AN EVENT IT WAS!

We believe our final total was 31 one del sols! I just have to say this was wayyyyyy more than we ever thought was going to attend! But none-the-less you folks never seem to amaze us! The del sol community is alive and well folks! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!

We to give a huge shout out to Jason and Laura who helped put this on for us! A lot of work went into the event and they did a bang up job! @frenchtoastyall and @accord_chick from IG shot photos and some video which you can see in our youtube video below!

We are hoping in 2020 to have more meet up and events so keep your eye out for that and thanks again everyone!

3 thoughts on “OldSols SouthEast Recap

  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! šŸ™‚

  2. I have been all over this site but still havent found a way to join.. Please help.. Have a 93 del sol. Love the YouTube post! Ive had the hardest time finding anything on the del sol in like 15 years before you guys showed up! Appreciate you so much! Really wish yall would post your website on hondatech! That’s the only place you can find anything on the del sol! I got lucky today when you shored up on google! So very thankful!! Anyways..thank you so much for all your info!!

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by OldSols! In regards to joining oldsols … we have it as more of a community based system. There is no club to join per pay or have to do certain things. We just want you to enjoy your del sol, help other del sol owners, and bring a positive attitude to the sol scene. If you are on social media such as reddit, IG and youtube please drop us a note and engage with others on the platforms. Don’t forget to join our forum and if you feel like shopping for some merchandise that would be wonderful! We have decals and shirts to rep oldsols! You may also email us at if you have any further questions!

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